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Green Gerry - Electric Iron CS

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Green Gerry - Electric Iron

He's back.

The godfather of jams and the wizard of soul, Green Gerry has brought his entire being to this latest record and I couldn't be more excited to bring it to ya lives via cassette.

This release will be beyond insane packaging wise. We are dishing up a lovely outer slipcover that will fit overtop of your standard cassette case. Inside that case will be a beautiful 6-panel layout that is sure to blow minds and generate thought.

I'm not a scientist, but I can for sure say this record will give you super powers.


1. Curtains/Tuning

2. Naive Jukebox & The Dead Deal


4. 328 (Non Idle)

5. SHOOOK​!​!​!

6. Rivals Kiss With An Absolute

7. Lechuguilla

8. Mock Radio

9. Bless The Pine

10. Tiny Spells

11. How Much Is Enough (Lick 'Till The Bone Is Dry)

12. I Will Wash Away With You

13. Temper 3​/​Sibling 4 Loop (Seize)


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